Types of Cell Phone Cases

If you are in the market for a new cell phone case, this quick guide should help you decide which type of phone case is best suited for your needs.
Listed below are the 6 most common types of phone cases.

  • Folio Phone Cases also called Flip Phone Cases are made primarily from PC Plastic, they are very durable and offer 360-degree protection for your device, the inner side of the cover features a soft linen material that helps pick up and keep dust away from your display. Some cases feature a cover quick access window to make it easier to check notifications without opening the cover. Their light weight and thin form factor offer excellent protection without adding bulk to your device. 
  • Leather Wallet Phone Cases are a type of Folio Cases made primarily from Leather with an inner PC plastic Shell, they are extremely durable and feature a compact wallet with slots for a picture, ID and a Credit Card. Leather Phone Cases are very chique and convenient to have around, their folio cover provides even more protection for your display giving you excellent 360 degrees protection from accidental drops and damage. 
  • Armor or Hybrid Phone Cases are a Hybrid combination of PC and TPU, they are primarily made from TPU Rubber to absorb shock and a PC Plastic shell for added durability, these Rigid Protective Cases provide extra protection from long and medium height drops, giving you piece of mind from accidents and protecting your device overall from damage while their slim form factor reduces added bulk. 
  • TPU Phone Cases are made from Rubber material that is slightly less flexible and thicker than Silicone Cases, but offer extra durability and protection against shocks and accidental drops. They are in between PC and Silicone Cases in term of protection. Their slim and light weight form factor provides excellent overall protection for your device without adding extra bulk. 
  • PC Phone Cases or Polycarbonate Cases are made from a very durable and slightly flexible plastic, they are perfect for preventing scratches and damage from accidental drops, and offer excellent overall protection for your device. Their thin and light weight form factor, along with their slight flexibility makes them a breathe to install and remove. 
  • Silicone Phone Cases are very flexible and soft to the touch, they feel great in hand, and are perfect for preventing scratches, and minor accidental drops from damaging your device, their thin and light weight form factor doesn’t add bulk to your phone and offer easy and seamless installation and removal.  

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